With it's special blend of herbal extracts and nourishing vitamins, Gentle Magic will give you the healthy skin that you deserve. 

Free from harmful ingredients or skin stripping chemicals, Gentle Magic uses natural actives to keep you looking and feeling your best.


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Some frequently asked questions. 

1. Are Gentle Magic products dermatologically tested? Yes, all Gentle Magic products are dermatologically tested and are routinely sent for testing by independent laboratories. 

2. Where is Gentle Magic made? All Gentle Magic products are made in South Africa at our very own facility in Durban, South Africa. Our facility is Medically Standard certified and employs the highest, most stringent manufacturing standards.

3. Does Gentle Magic contain hydroquinone or any harmful ingredient? No, Gentle Magic does not contain hydroquinone or any harmful ingredients. Hydroquinone is illegal in South Africa, and the use of any such skin-lightening ingredients is very damaging and dangerous. Gentle Magic was developed to improve the health of the skin and we manufacture all our products with this in mind.

4. Is the new Gentle Magic Oil petroleum-free? Yes, there are no petroleum-based products, such as mineral oil, in the new Gentle Magic Oil product which allows the product to absorb faster and feel healthier on your skin.